Thursday, 11 April 2013


Where does Matthew Joseph's get his ideas from? GLITTER? MASK? ON HAIR?

Man done good.

Cheap date too word has it. 2 voddy's and your away.


"HARROOOOOO" said Droopy 

"FUCK OFFFF" said Trinity (aka Celestine's super fit new assistant. What a replacement?!)

William Richard Gren the designer participated in the MAN show, modelling for AGI & SAM
Dun't ya know...

This season, I'll be mostly wearing... WOOD. 

Casual vibes from super sex photographer CAMERON ALEXANDER. 

Oh HEY THERE, is that some slush puppies play fighting?! 

As is Ben Horsefield in a gold lip at ASTRID ANDERSEN. 
<3 p="">
And this guys needs NO explanation. 

Patrick Grant of E.TAUTZ took to the runway too. 
And LULU KENNEDY as sexy as ever. She wore that velvet better than A$AP.

A finale of fitties. 

Maarten Van Der Horst nails those prints for menswear. Again.  

2 of my FAVE boys: Gary Card set designer extrodinaire
and Thomas Du Kleuyver, make-up artist at LARGE.

PUPPIES! Did someone say PUPPIES?!

oh my dayz. 

Silver Nike AIRMAX?!
oh my dayz. 

Alex Whipman in a flying sorcerer. Well that's worth a LOL. 

totall vibing off KIT NEAL's cafe. innit. 

And FASHION EAST keeping it uber cas with this staircase. 

So MEADHA KIRCHHOFF has a casual idea for a set design then!
Never knew bin bags could be so tasteful.
And REALLY. They were.

Birthday Boy JERMAINE.

And OLIVER BEARD <3 p="">

LOVE a bit of silver me. 

Not as much as i LOVE Arthur Gosse. 

Martine Rose makes us all wanna rock a beer mat. No seriously. 

Only shy of three months late, I FINALLY upload and finish this god damn post. Realised I should start bloggin again. 

Cause I'm like way funnier here than in real life. 


Thomas Campbell.

Dom's new flat mate is the incredible artist Tom Campball, who received well deserved recognition off the back of his last collection of work entitled 'DEAD BREATHS I LIVING BREATHE' - a study into ballet dancers and an interpretation of their shape and movement. 

I love his brush stroke and use of colours, lots of moody blues. I am lucky enough to have my very own. 

But the damn boy won't buy the right size frame for me to yet have it stretched across one and on my wall. 



First thing to have inspired me for studio work for a while.


Shoot medium format.

Shoot black & white.

Make it ALL about the casting.


Images by Elina Kechicheva. L O V E.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


So officially OBSESSED.

Thank you David White for introducing me to this glorious G is pink. 

You seen that ASSSS. You seen those TITTTTIESSSSS. She is a Anna Trevelyan DREAM (seriously did you style her??) and I've just realised THIS is who David White was at TINAWEEN!!! A revelation!!

She makes A$AP and his purple swag video look like girl scout's selling brownies and sheetttttt. I have recently taken to practising this move:
Can't really do it WHILST shaking my booty yet though. Like seriously hard. 

This is Brooke Candy without make-up:
Which makes me seriously consider going out in drag make up and no clothes? WIN???

(belated) T I N A W E E N.

Metropolis really was the culture club.
Robbie Spencer did Boy George more shame than a naked norwegian.
Don't think he ever looked that good.

This tittified treasure is non other than BLEACH extrodinaire Alex Brownsell. 
There were alot of YOLANDI's about. Anna Trevelyan looking seriously MAJE. 
But wait...who's this
 literally EVIL BOY come to life???
but look at her pretty smile....
I just had to ask her if it was the real coat from the video cause SERIOUSLY poeple. Who has time to make that shit for a PARTY???? I mean yes you WON but STILLLLLLLLLL
 the original to further illustrate my point....

god damn I wanna go out with a boy with a gold tooth. ANYONE KNOW IF THIS MAN IS GAY?

ummmm David White keeping it REALLLLLYYYYYYY CASUAL. 
Me tinks he got defo laid that night. 

GOD DAMN who got hit by the ugly stick. Onky the god damn FITTEST girl in East London. 
Miss Alice Kirkpatrick. Eroll's onto a winner there. No really he is. 
She is none other than Anastasia btw. 

Yes Matt Caroll your body is better than mine. 
THANK GAWD you can't do the splits. 

Gary Card is Elton. Of course. 

 another brilliant costume - Thomas Giddings is Keith Flint out of The Prodigy circa firestarter.
I grew up on The Prodigy. Does that make me old? Or just lucky? I mean I was in year 7 but still...

 Gerogia Frost needs to chill out on being so god damn hot. AS IF Britney was ever this hit. 

 Tamar Hash was practically naked. Could we have asked for anything better?!

And last but not least, not kinda in the middle bordering in lame is me as Lana Del Ray. 
Cause Hiroshi made my hair all pretty and I couldn't bare to spoil it with silly make up so I just went as fit. 

Only the best part of a month after Metropolis's famous TINAWEEN, Robbie Spencer plus team's annual affair, did I get round to posting the photos. 

Blame procrastination  blame twitter, blame, don't blame me. I have been like waaaayyy busy but it was an amazing night as per.