Saturday, 28 November 2009


i LOVE this leather mix jumper!!! second hand sadly. someone make one! 


amazing maxi lace dress on the belle Bella. 

Rori has already had 6 vodka tonics and we havn't even been there an hour. 

AGGHHHHHHH best hair quiff ever!!

the lady on the left looked super cool. 

the lovely Lauren Jones has co-curated the brilliant ART BARTER, an exhibition that allows the public to 'barter' with anything aside from money for works of art from people like Matt Collishaw, Tracey Enim and Polly Morgan. However, as none of the art was labelled by the artist and created especially for the exhibition (a feat in itself) you were left questioning which artist did what.

Not only did the exhibition do the brilliant thing of removing monetary value from art, but it required the audience to put their own personal 'valuation' on a piece of work, be it a 'years worth of piano lesson', a 'Ferrari Enzo' or 'an organic iceberg lettuce' (some of the written barter attempts.)

Miss Jones hopes the anonymous nature of the works "will create a gamble for the public and will make people value the art for what it really is, not for the name or price tag that formerly was attached".


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