Sunday, 1 November 2009

guess the dead celeb.

bit rammed, inconsistent music, but still a freaking good time. and everyone looked A M A Z E.
Hannah is very pretty. 

best Blow in town. 
Dominic Jones believe it or not. 
Aoife performed a sonata under the moonlight. 

best wedding dress look. 

fur is sooo ok this winter. well done Miss.Wintour.

this jacket was incredibly beautiful. 
Storm in an eye cup. 

amazing ASHISH tracksuit. L O V E.
best Lisa. sorry Loretta. 


Best Marilyn. Undeniably. 

Oh how she loves that child. 

this dress was incredible. 
David shows his true artistic abilites in the quality of this paint job.
as soon as the film is out, we'll all know who this is too. 

what a great looking bunch. ha. 

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