Monday, 1 March 2010

The Immaculate Collection.

Its the beginning of a new decade, and there seems to be a collective census of sending a Greatest Hits of the last ten years down the catwalk. First Marc Jacobs, then Prada and now Dolce & Gabbana. (this is brain theft from Hannah the Great.)

Who gives a toot, this shit looks finnne. It has a feel very reminiscent of last season; a Parisian Wild West, yet quintessentially D&G. The finale of ladies wearing the top half only of the Madonna Vogue video sent a shiver down my spine. Trousers please.

 This outfit just screams Italian Mamma in the hills cooking ragu. 
L O V E  turban. 

how much does she look like Vanessa Paradis?!

i am paying homage to this look with a visit to Dalston Mill tomorrow morning (home to the greatest collection of buttons known to man/me) and covering hot pants and a jumper in gold ones. I'll be sewing for the next week, but hey ho.

See me a rocking next week in AW10.

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