Tuesday, 16 March 2010

working girl.

Last week I watched (again!) 80's classic Working Girl last week and it left me wanting to run around town in Power Suits. Yet it seems that the working woman's wardrobe is a the top of everyone else's lists too. Mower mentioned it in Dickie's Nicoll's write up, and the focus on a working wardrobe has continued to gain pace. 

Stella McCartney kept a lot of her shapes fairly short, but the focus on clean, understated yet polished pieces ideal for exec's and fashionites alike was clear. Hannah McGibbon at Chloe sent out a sea of beige, and what wasn't beige i was really into (beige really dosn't suit my skin tone - washes me out...).
amazing shoes. this is the only shape i can wear on a kitten heel. 
beautiful jacket and dress.
this looks like a staple Vogue House uniform. 
ok so not very 'working girl' but i freaking love this orange knitted number. 
ok this is so Sigourney Weaver circa 88'
mmmmm those trousers look so comfy. 
ahhh...how many of your nanna's 70's blankets can you wear in one?! j'adore.
 REALLY wanna make love to this outfit. Quilted peach leather?! mmmm....

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