Monday, 19 April 2010

dominique swain.

i LOVED her in Lolita; the version she starred in alongside Jeremy Irons released in 1997 that is way better than Stanley Kubrick's original (sacrilegious to say? give a shit) and the soundtrack is amazing. Me and my bessie mate Hannah first bonded over our secret love for Irons (ultimate older man).

What happened to her? Well she didn't age well and has a bad stylist - if any? Her wardrobe in Lolita is sooo hot and inspiring - if i was a designer I'd easily base all SS11 around it. Send everyone down in plaited sprayed red hair with red lipstick smeared awkwardly across lips. And i would custom make everyone diamante encrusted sunglasses.

Oooooohhh shoot idea. All i need is an underage model. Hmmm that wont be hard then....

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  1. Boom baby boom. Forgot how hot she was. Jeremy is finnnnnnnnnnne.