Wednesday, 5 May 2010

belles of the ball.

The Met in New York hosts the Costume Institute Gala Ball, which is the ULTIMATE red carpet event. 

Best Belle.
Beautiful dress, amazing shoulders, skin tone, colour of dress, perfect hair and make-up. And face. 

Best Cool. 
The turquoise lace in this on the prim vintage stylee shape dress looks insane. Love. 

Best Overall. 
MIA looks just A M A Z I N G.  Zoe does not. 

Best Nearly There. 
Maggie is always a winner, but this just isn't quite there. 

Best Casual.
Chanel's gold lame jumpsuit works.

Best Freaky Height. 
Karolina's looks like Attack of the 50ft Woman. 

Best Back.
Amazing dress/tux hybrid. Great shoes too. I LOVE DREE.

Best Tits. 
No explanation required. 

Best British Export. 
I just love Thandie Newton. Standard. 

Best Shoe/Dress Combo. 
Surprisingly those shoes look F L Y with that cut about dress. Is she shagging Usher?

Best Dress Train. 
Mermaids out there, eat your heart out. 

Best Disney Lookalike. 
Can you name which one? If not, your should be ashamed.

Best Surpirse. 
Melissa George aka Angel from Home & Away looks a doll. That dress is a great colour on her.

Best I Think You Look Shit
What the freak is that skirt about you knob? And STOP biting your freaking lip!

Best Earrings. 
Bit lame but I had to end on a good note. The dress is also amazing and so is her face. 

Can someone please employ me as a red carpet critic. I'd be insanely good and need more work.

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