Tuesday, 22 June 2010

late but not forgotten.

I'd wear this snakeskin - i wouldn't wear Stella's. 
i used to have hair like this. I miss it. Everyone said I looked like daryl hannah in Blade Runner. I agreed even though secretly (and ashamedly I hadn't seen it). 
a t-shirt? for £200? YES PLEASE.
this dress is like soooo Naomi Campbell. 

note previous point. how can so much snakeskin look so good?

"no i dont know how to wear it either love."
Sam Parsley take note. 

Henley regatta anyone????

LANVIN: Take an task (look book) and do it the fuck better than anyone else. Whilst still keeping true to the task at hand (ie. showing us the freaking clothes.)

Best Look Book this season, if i do say so myself.

B A N G I N.

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