Tuesday, 15 June 2010



Not really into most of Wang's RESORT 2011 collection but towards the end of the Look Book it picks up pace and ends in a few great clean looks - my favourite being the focus on the sheer white jersey, especially with cycling shorts underneath. It feels very 'Scandi'. 


These two are suitable for a holiday in Marrakesh only. Seriously the above is a shit show. 
Great cut on the trousers though. 

Love pockets lined in pink. 

I love these leather cut off trackie pants/shorts THE M O S T. 

If I was getting married...

Love the shoes. 

Felt a bit all over the shop - the collection seems to be made to appease a breadth of buyers more than anything else. However i love the gold choker jewellery and overall there were a lot of great looks. Just some random bad ones too. 


This hoodie jacket is adorable! Love the shoes, love the primary colours. 

Look at that green colour! Intense. 

Great roll up trouers. She looks like a 1940's little Painter woman. Ohhhh je suis tres artistic. 
Love the suede shorts and long sleeve lace. YUM. 

The boys freaking N A I L E D it. 

Love the mix of ethnic weaves, cute short & jackets ensembles, colours, cuts. It all looked cohesive. well put together and considered. Brilliant Resort collection. I want to buy NOW. 

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