Monday, 7 June 2010

simply the best.

high hair.

in one of the best styled films E V E R !  Looks like Marios Schwab was hugely influenced by her earrings here. And a handful of designers for her dress. Those shoulders are to die for.
In the Ike & Tina Turner days. 

I watched "What's Love Got To Do With It' last night - the Tina Turner biopic last night that details the harrowing marriage she had with Ike Turner, a coke fiend with a passion for beating on women. It had me in tears for obvious reasons. Angela Basset is beyond amazing in that film. She imitates her perfectly and is so muscular and hard ass it s a joke.

Coke in the 70's made people mean man. That and their misogynistic natures.

Either way Tina came out stronger and had a comeback album aged 44 folks. FORTY FOUR! She came back with bigger hair, shorter dresses and longer legs. I love how she throws her body backwards when she signs and bends her knees. I love her like I love Dolly Parton. 

You'll be pleased to hear she's happy and living with her boyfriend (16 years her junior) since 1985, after and their really cute together. They met at Heathrow airport. Ahhhhhhh......

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