Sunday, 26 September 2010


James Long's show was amazing, more cobweb knits in multi tonal colours, marbled denim and burn out cow-hide leather. I want so much of it!! 

its eyebrow girl again! in a fetching folky top.

Jason is MAJE stylist who does the Meadham Kirchhoff show, amongst others things. (in the middle)

Cole Mohr with red hair done especially for James Long's show.

Katie Bain looking foxy!!

INSIDE THE MENSWEAR INSTALLATIONS - All in white painted sheds!!
Inside Husam El Odeh's shed where he was making jewellery for his visitors, whilst also having his range on show.

Williams Handmade is the most beautiful and unique leather luggage. Insane huh!!

Really into this linen collarless double breasted number. 

Osman had the hot live jazz band in his shed - this was my favourite. It just added another layer of unexpected atmosphere. 

look at the boys matching!! how cute! Patrock Waugh and Max Permain of POP magazine. 

dunno how i feel about this straw jacket?! 

Fred Butler rocking he look. I love her...

Look how HAWT Mille Brown looks in yet another Hannah Marshall number - this time a velvet catsuit. Needless to say she was really hot, like sweating hot. 
LOVE this old worn in Gucci T. 

How HAWT also is Matthew Joseph's street cast model for Nasir Mazhar's shed?! 

me and Chris Murdoch just had to have a go at his nipples. Mmmmmmmm TASTY! 

how cute does Matthew look in Nasir's hat! 

Jordan Askill's amazing sculpture in his stand. 

Beth looks a doll in Christopher Kane. 

Look at Vanessa helping pack up Jordan's shed! The hottest helper in town. 

Menswear installations were HUGELY successful. Well done Rori. It was beautiful weather and a great end to London Fashion Week. 

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