Saturday, 23 October 2010


Eustace had made this FIT nude vest.  

 Eustace is Berhard Willhelm.

Toby gave me this jumper today. WAHAY!

 Bernhard Willhelm trainers. on a bus near you. 

 love this Margiela cardigan.

spongy scarf by Gina Pragnell.  

D&G ski pants. so hot. literally. sweating. 

E's? anyone wanna buy any E's? 

Me and Toby are shooting with Thomas Lohr today for the beautiful German magazine, SLEEK
Eustace is here too as he's made lots of latex stuff for us - its sooo maje. We keep on sneakily trying stuff on. 

Sleek is such a slick magazine. The paper quality is really nice and the colours look really saturated. I love the below shoot with Peter Bruder, he has the most charming face. I want to sit on it. 

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