Thursday, 4 November 2010



I'm having a moment for Ali MacCraw, and have been reading up on her ill fated love affair with the beautiful but brutal Steve McQueen for whom she left her husband. 

She was an outstanding natural beauty, and looked like nothing else. No wonder McQueen fell for her on the set of The Getaway, like he did. She also had integral style, having assisted Diana Vreeland and Harpers Bazaar and worked as a Stylist before becoming an actress. I remember seeing the photo of her in the infamous beanie with flower at the side, thinking she looked so charming and less over done and glossy than everyone else during the decedent decade that was the 70's.

She alsoreminds me of my mum with her fetching bowl haircut...
I wish i could rock this hair cut. Damn you calf's lick. 

Ali MacCraw also aged so well! She is now a hatha yoga instructor and i'm sure living happily somewhere in the California hills...

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  1. Ali is such a timeless beauty, it's so fitting that she has become a hatha yoga teacher! Love this post and your blog!