Saturday, 29 January 2011

alex mattsson.

 Popped to Alex's studio and found some real gems... how banging is this vest with its hoodlum print?! very much in the vein of Nasir Mazhar, those boys should hang out.  

 and this Eastpak with its 90's hippy / aztec / pendleton vibes and
mad weave design of devils, spiders and 666's. 

Alex's graduate RCA MA collection from last year took inspiration from the notion of a Mexican biker gangs running the streets of L.A in a post apocalyptic 2012. One gang, called the Sixth Sun, have reverted to the beliefs and rituals of their ancestors after realising they predicted the future. 

Mad Max on acid eh. 

I'm helping Alex Mattsson with his forthcoming collection, as he has perfect dimples and is a fellow Norwegian. And he's hugely talented. 

The darling Northern nugget that is Chris Murdoch is at hand helping too, and a fashion film ready for Fashion Week is in the works. 

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  1. Did anyone else spot that Thierry Mugler mens wear took inspiration this season from Alex's, on their trousers?? :-)