Monday, 17 January 2011

Celo's Yard Sale.

 Marios Schwab AW08 - so freaking hot. My first ever clevage!! wow can't stop looking... hello boobies

 McQueen shoes for a tenner?! Can't go wrong, even if they are a bit battered. Love my fluro Essie toes.

Bit of JPG. I did the polite thing of blurring my nipples for y'all.  


Raf Simons for EAST PAK. Was so sad that I missed out on this. Not anymore!

 And finally, when feeling a bit Palestinian a bit of Bless No.27.

Celestine Cooney had a yard sale round her's this weekend. I raided the rails for the best bits and got L U C K Y.

So super happy with my purchases. Thanks Celo!!

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