Friday, 21 January 2011

new found love.

Like many, I have a few found love and obsession for Rick Genest aka RICO or Zombie Boy. 

A muse for Nicola Formichetti's new collection for Thierry Mugler (now reintroduced as MUGLER only), Rico is a breath of fresh air. Where others have done head to toe body tattoo's and just looked like tit in Bizarre Magazine, Rico's tattoo's are not only beautifully drawn, but he has a sensitivity to his face and bone structure that offers such a striking contrast to the darkness of his tattoo's. 

The collection and presentation, combined with Gaga's soundtrack, a video directed Mariano Vivanco and help from design Romain Kremer, cemented Nicola's place in the industry as a true visionary.

NOT style over substance. Its not always just about the clothes. Fashion is also how it makes us feel. 

And the whole thing gave me goose pimples.

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