Friday, 14 January 2011


Ben Weller's BEST WORK EVER alongside Phoebe Arnold, a great location and a way amazing model.  

 Another INSANELY brilliant story photographed by Randall Mesdon and styled by Julie Ragolia. I absolutely love the black on white silhouette photography. And the model is H A W T. 

And last but definitely not least a perfectly styled story by our lovely Toby Grimditch, photographed by Beau Grealy. 

Swedish magazine A PERFECT GUIDE, had some pretty perfect editorial. Two friends of mine had shot for it so I had to get myself a copy. 

The layout is slightly odd, with its mix of swedish and english articles and a travel section at the beginning that doesn't run so smoothly into the editorial. However, the latter makes up for it. Back to back amazing shoots with a wealth of brilliant photographers and stylists shooting for it, this magazine can only get better. 


  1. firstly your blog is fucking sick
    its one of my favourites, secondly i was at fashion east too! and i love celestine cooney

    keep up the posts

  2. who are you?! email me! THANKS YO!!!!

    my blog is sick. hee hee hee. xx

  3. Wow this is so inspiring!

    Is it bad that I totally thought the first model was a boy? The boobs gave me a shock! x

  4. im a model/intern but i just stumbled on your blog and truly loved it and thought i'd let you know! :)