Tuesday, 8 February 2011

posh fish nosh.

cute old men doing the frying - blates pinching from a authentic Fish & Chip shop thats closed down.

mmmmmmm deep fried fish and batter...

 super cute apron uniforms. 

 friendly man to greet you. 

 1950's juke box 

A new Fish & Chip shop has opened near Brick Lane (next to the Golden Heart pub) that is super cute and super swish. We LOVE. 

Ok so it isn't authentic, but then nothing around Spitalfields any longer is. And admittedly in its place before was a truely authentic cafe that we loved to bits where you could get beans, bacon egg and toast for £1.20. 

But never mind. They play 50's happy music, they're all full of smiles and the chips are REALLY good. 

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