Tuesday, 15 February 2011

what a doll.

wow. well thats one way to impress.

 lovely mottled leather jacket and customized collar...

 sporting a banging cropped denim number with sister Lucy Chadwick, the other half of the big ginger hairdresser that is everyone's favourite; Duffy.

 what a peach.

 yep. i can definitely do a handstand this straight too. 

 perfect oversize print T.

power walking through the streets of NY in nuttin' but an Osh-Kosh. bet that had the homies going... 

i want mustard trousers!!

it's been a long day for Emma...

Emma Chadwick was introduced to me through a flurry of photos on Facebook, as I am friends with her sister Lucy. obviously when it came to Emma i couldn't help but be a Facebook stalker. She had impeccable style and it was inherently similar to mine, (or rather how I envisaged mine.)

Emma is a prima ballerina. Quite literally. She is part of the Ballet Basel company. Which explains her insanely toned body and her mid air moves of madness. Here is another that baffles me. 
If i could pull off this shit on a barren beach without a launch pad, i'd have someone writing this shit about me too. 

Emma please send me more style photos and we can do little updates. Through a mid-air move in there too!! WE LIKEY!




  2. she has a blog : http://elastoban.blogspot.com/
    and ballett basel is in BASEL, not berlin, obviously ;)
    she's amazing!great style!
    xxx lena