Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cross Country.

Yes it's an old song. But the video never got enough credit in my eyes. Or is that cause people can't relate?!


I didn't grow up in London, I went to Chipping Campden School in The Cotswolds. It wasn't posh or private, just local and quintessentially Q U A I N T.

 this is where i'd have the occasional White Diamond before going to the Youth Club with Olivia & Jess. 

 The Red Lion is the pub we'd go to, if we didn't get caught as underage. 

and seriously guys, these were our 'bike sheds' 
to sneak off for a fag we'd go into the gardens next door

no seriously bruv. i am real. 

honestly google image that garden. It is our Chipping Campden garden, by Pearl's house. That was our version of 'going down the bikesheds' - jokes. 

hence long story short, the Termper Trap video brings back many a memory. Cross Country SUCKED. 

it always rained, it was always muddy and I always took longer than 30min. 

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