Thursday, 21 April 2011

Parisian Nun.

I've been re-reading old French Vogue's lately, well rather those from the Noughties whilst reminiscing over the reign of Carine after being slightly disappointed with Emmanuelle's debut issue, which i found although great, didn't have that same edge, that same sexual presence.

The above shoot from Oct 2005 is B E Y O N D. From a styling perspective, it makes me feel like i need to give up the day job because I can never have the stylistic vision to pull this off, (however, my recognition of it's brilliance makes me think that I can and will.) Shot by Craig McDean and styled by Carine, the religious iconography and the use of coats to create what looks like nun's wimple, along with stockings and the I LOVE JESUS jumper are to D I E F O R,

Carine 4 EVA.

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