Sunday, 12 June 2011

fresh blood.

I went to the Middlesex University Graduate Fashion Show last week, and was overwhelmed by a young TAVINA NAVAEI's  take on grunge, with new proportions, lengths and colours. 

Acid trashed neons and buttons through long skirts, with back slits for sex appeal were worn with extra layers and chiffon trousers. The photo's really do not do the collection justice, but believe me. Sat there (next to ma girlies Emma Farrow and Antonia from Toppers) we were all jumping for joy when the teddy bear jogging trousers made their appearance. Literally this collection felt FRESH, even though Grunge has kind of been done to death. 

I want to wear it all NOW. And yes, I realise that's completely in contradiction to my Great Gatsby comment previously. What can I say, i'm a fickle soul...

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