Tuesday, 21 June 2011

true blue.

My mum always says I dress like a slob, she doesn't get my Reebok classics, baggy Ashish jeans and oversize T's. God I've even been accosted by a group of boys in the street who were like "Girl, I don't like your style. You look like you is like coming out a rave man." 

I can't help it, i might dress like a boy and not a lady, but I think it this shit looks GOOD. Besides I rock out in bad boy Christopher Kane mini's when darkness falls. 

Anyway mum, check this shit out. Baggy IS fashion. True Blue, a story shot by Thomas Lohr and styled by Charlotte Briere for Contributing Editor is my idea of perfection. Androgynous, understated, perfectly cast and amazing hair. Which i hope to have by next week. 

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  1. Haha I love this. It's so true. Although I am a fiend for a high waisted skirt, heels and a blazer, some days nothing is more comforting than boyfriend jeans, a pair of Converse and an oversized men's jumper. Mums will never get it...unless they're super hip and trendy, I suppose.

    Em x