Thursday, 21 July 2011

Anna's Crib.

This is the lamp I want to hang from my kitchen! Industrial old is so hot right now. 

An amazing old rusty work man's chair that's been re-upholstered in a greige linen. My favourite piece of Anna's furniture.

Collections of shipping boxes double up as side table. 

Great old 'trunk' works as a great coffee table

An old crane toy Anna purchased and re-worked into a lamp. 

 an INCREDIBLE old kitchen cabinet complete with the steel machinary used to easily make whole meal bread, and a mincing machine attached to the end. Why do we not have these now! I wanna bake and mince. 
It even has the original meal and salad charts to aid a healthy diet restored. 
This is effectively UP-CYCLING. A term I read in New York where old items are restored and improved.
  A ladder is home to pot plants. 

 A cushion cover of perfection. 

Wistfully worn mirror frames in the bathroom and a delightful soap holder. 

I just came back from New York where I had a wonderful time, and was particularly well looked after by the lovely ANNA KARLIN who moved out there last year. 

Anna is not only a darling, but she has impeccable taste. All round. Her new apartment in Nolita is a haven of restored antiques and trinkets, that sit nicely alongside contemporary furnishings. She also took me for great cocktails and dinners around Nolita and Soho, and to ADORNED (her favourite shop) where I had my tragus pierced (cartilage bit in the middle of your ear) just like her. 

Tragus twins!

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