Thursday, 18 August 2011


Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of my teen idol Kurt, has just come alive in a way she's never done before, newly svelte and covered in tattoo's on Hedi Slimane's online photographic diary. A beautiful shoot, with lots of great portraits, understated styling (all her own undoubtedly) and really evoking a new idea of the girl Frances Bean has grown into be. Expectations were always high, and there was also an underlying sense of concern considering the wild way of her mother and the high regards in which many people hold her father. Yet I think she seemingly has turned out great, if these pictures are evidence of that.

Seriously, could this chick be any cooler?!

Here are some baby photos to remind us of how she was introduced to the world. In their hey day, I don't think there was a cooler family at any awards ever.

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