Tuesday, 23 August 2011


How insanely BUFF does Daisy look in her naked shoot for PLAYBOY magazine?! T O O M U C H. 
They must have paid her a fortune to do it, but in all honesty i love the colours and prop set up etc including the converse roller blades i think the shoot looks really good. Daisy did a beautiful naked story for PARADIS magazine (my favourite) a couple of years back too. 

She also looked INSANE at the Gaultier show recently, i what may be my ideal dress. Seriously would love more than anything to have this cone archive number in my wardrobe! Matt looks like the cat that got the cream...(he did.)


  1. Wow, this is an amazing shooting. Like to have great pictures of me too :)

  2. saw her playboy in a shop the other day. was too much of a wimp to buy, but these pics are pretty amazing. i may brave it out x

  3. ur blog is crazy incredible. LOVE.