Wednesday, 14 September 2011

D I V I N E.

best tap in the WORLD EVER. check. 

 variety of side lamps. check. 

 old school tables for kitchen units complete with drawn erect cocks. check. 

 fresh flowers. check. 

 great light fixtures. check. 

 battered leather sofa. check. 

perfection of fluro pinks in the rug. check. 

 perfect dining table chairs, elegantly mismatched. check. 

bit of art. check. 

The darling sequined designer that is ASHISH, with whom I assist Celestine on styling the show for has recently purchased and done up his flat. 

Little did we know he had impeccable interior design taste!! Well, we suspected as much, but nothing could prepare for the perfect arrangement of reclaimed super special objects that were perfectly placed is Ashish's new house. 

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