Sunday, 18 September 2011


Nina Porter (of Burberry campaign fame) was an absolute dream. Such a cute girl and absolutely amazing looking. 

Obsessed with the green tulle. 

Hair mistro James Pecis provides the finishing touches for the amazing knotted hair. 

J'Adore the lace and PVC!

The venue at 33 Portland Place has he most incredible staircase and adjoining feature wall. And the glass ceiling is to another level. Literally. 
Model walk back down the stairs after the finale - we all have tears in our eyes!!

SIMONE ROCHA moved away from Fashion East for her third season, a fledgling from the nest. Instead she chose to show solo, off-schedule at the beautiful location of 33 Portland Place. 

The collection was a move on in terms of fabrications, with new additions of lace, latex and pvc to the tulle and silk she is known for. She also explored more colour, adding a vibrant Irish green to the mix. The collection was beautifully crafted and carefully executed. Her mum and dad were there in full support and there was a lot of love in the room. 


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