Wednesday, 2 November 2011


the adorable Thomas. look at that wee scrunchy face!! 

GARY CARD and HARRY LAMBERT went head to head at Geppeto! Gary (fresh from making scary head pieces for Comme this season) made his own freaky looking Pinocchio. 

Another of my favourite set designers DAVID WHITE looking pensive in red. What's up sunshine - drunk already? 

Nope...but my boi MATTHEW JOSEPH's sure is getting on it. Sporting a fresh Scout's outfit to remind everyone just how young and HAWT he is, with some balloons attached hich SURPRISINGLY didn't get popped...

Fashion's very own 'Headless Horseman' CHRIS MURDOCH?!
WTF! Chris this does NOT look like your arm. Look at the Tango Tan!

Pictured below with her Dalmatian dogs, and DJ'ing duo THE TWINS!! (aka Max & Louis)

KATIE SHILLINGFORD looks HAWT as a very fashionable Jessica Rabbit. LOVE he pink CHANEL 2.55. JELS. 

Who's this blue number? Why it's our very own GENIE aka. KATIE GREEN. (who went to unbelievable effort. You clever girl you...

Fluro hair was everywhere. 

Unsure who this is, but a round of applause for those balloons eh. That must have been a BITCH to walk around with...

I decided against Arial, The Littke Mermaid in the end and settled from Lady the Cocker Spaniel, from LADY & the TRAMP. Pictured here with the lovely Tristan, Mag's boyfriend. 

LYNDELL MANSFIELD, amazing hairdresser EXTRODINARE, with her foxy boyfriend the Mad Hatter, and the darling TIMOTHY CLIFTON GREEN. 
In all honesty, i didn't even recognize Lyndell. How much of a perfect likeness is her outfit?! 

ABBEY BENNET as (took me a while to figure out the pillow...) SLEEPING BEAUTY!!

INCREDIBLE face make-up Day of the Dead stylee. 

And last, but definitely not least, a bit of drag. JUSTIN BORBLEY does an outstanding Princess Jasmine. 
Resha thank god you didn't attempt it...

TINAWEEN @ Metropolis Strip Club in Hackney in UNDOUBTEDLY the best Halloween party in town. It definitely hosts the best costumes. A wash with all of London star Fashion kids, competing to out do each other with inventive and original costumes, it's a feast for the eyes and and sore for the head. 

I even checked out the usual suspect parties in NYC, and considering their tradition regarding the eve, no-one came close the the costume array we managed to pull off. 

LONDON KIDS ARE WHERE ITS AT.  (Does that mean I'm a kid. I hope so....)

THANKS ALL FOR AN AMAZING NIGHT. Now Bring on Christmas....

(Photos with thanks to the darlings that are: SARAH WHITE / BELLA HOWARD / ME.)

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