Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lucy Chadwick.

The clever and lovely Lucy Chadwick is the star of a short film made about, well, her; her life working as Gallery curator in NYC, building a house with her boyfriend Duffy (the hairstylist whom we all know and love) and generally just giving us a glimpse into her life.

Directed by Todd Selby for Zara (I imagine she's wearing Zara through out...) this was a good choice of someone to film, as Lucy is so understated and humble. She's intelligent and serves as a great aspirational character for a brand to identify with, rather than the brash tat we're often offered by many through celebrity endrosement.

A great achievement on all those involved, and well done Zara for clocking how cool this chick is.

Charlotte from SATC ain't got NUFFIN on this bird.


  1. I LOVED IT! Lucy seems to have a great fashion taste. I would enjoy reading more posts on her closet and fashion choices!!!

  2. I do soooo much love her style! great inspiration :o) greetings from rainy germany, geisslein