Sunday, 8 January 2012

clever mummy.

me & mum copied the block of my favourite vest and made a cream wool pontiroma jersey one.

and then we made a skater swing skirt in the same ponti jersey. 

This is an old outfit of grandma's from the 60's made of a silk taffeta. 
I think it looks like Prada ;)

and lastly we made a charcoal grey marl wool jersey maxi dress. 

Over Christmas me and my Mamma made some wool jersey pieces and had a dig through some old clothes to find some treasures to stave the boredom of no snow and a constant storm. 

My mum can take the block of pretty much anything and re-make things as I like them. She did make mine and Hannah's flower girl dresses at Friieda's wedding after all!!
Big thanks to Laura Coulson for taking photos of me tonight. 
In return I cooked a BANGING dinner. 

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  1. love the 60's silk taffeta dress!