Monday, 16 January 2012

Kings of Cool.

This DICK from TRON - Garrett Hedlund, nearly ruined the show by pointing to people in the crowd, grabbing his ass (WTF?!) and generally bahaving like an American jock MORON. 
It will no doubt be known as the 'Prada incident' and hugely impact his career. One can only hope.

 my darling Clement. 

 Eddie Klint is back!! He used to be my favourite. That incredible Roman nose...

Jamie Bell looks adorable.

 Emile Hirsch looking adorable, if not growing a little fuller in his later years...

 Tim Roth looks impeccable. 

 William Defoe looks otherworldly. 

 Adrien Brody looks majestic. 

 and lastly, GOD. aka Gary Oldman. 

PRADA AW12 Menswear show was absoluetly incredible, mejestic and out of this world in terms of casting. One idiot jock nearly ruined the show but aside from that, the crowd couldnt help but yelp and squeak with joy and excitement and acting kings of cool as Tim Roth, Gary Oldman, Jamie Bell and Adrien Brody took their turn to walk the red carpet of cool.


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