Monday, 12 March 2012


Thylane Lena Rose has already shot French Vogue editorial, as not the Enfants side supplement, but main fashion. Whilst many found it vulgar, I found it tongue in cheek. I was also honestly dumfounded by her beauty. In a world where child models instantly have negative connotations; she is being used / over exposed / sexualized etc. I find French Vogue so blatantly dressing her like an adult, in women's clothing and shoes miles too big for her, instead pokes fun at the hysteria. 

Whilst Tiara's & Tantrums and extreme child Beauty Pageants is one thing, a young girl that looks like an innocent Jane Birkin is another. If I have a girl, I'm never going to cut her hair so she has long incredible hippy hair like Thylane. 

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