Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I'm pretty obsessed with A$AP, though admittedly I was late to catch the boat (is that even a phrase??)

I've heard a mix tape, a couple of songs, but I mostly like his style and flow and face. ok face. and body and face. And his answers to questions when interviewed, like below:
Cause I really agree with that most people look boring and talk boring in Hip-Hop apart from the new breed, where Odd Future really set the tone. I also like what he wears, and that he recognizes that there's stupid homophobia in the industry. Probably cause he wants to feel ok abut wearing alot of Jeremy Scott for ADIDAS (nah it's cause he cool.)

Note: His video is good. 

Further note: Watch below from SXSW gig. The crowd where kicking off, being bitches. Him and his crew of fitties like Rocky gave them all a chance, wanting to carry on the show. But no sirreee.  They then dived into the crowd, and attempted to cause a ruckus / get some hype / through some testosterone around. Watch til the end. So hot.

So yeah. I'd like to conclude on the note that I really fancy angry young black men.

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