Tuesday, 10 April 2012

P ∆ L ∆ C E.

PALACE are the coolest skate brand in Europe. F A C T. They have a prestigious award that says just so, but at this stage, I'd go as far as to say T H E  W O R L D. 

They have recently collaborated with UMBRO on a line of football shirts - beautifully modeled by my boy LUKE BRENNAN above, shot by none other than Alasdair McLellan. 

In aid of the launch, the boys behind PALACE (Lucien Clarke, Lev, Guy, ummm thats the only ones I know personally me tinks) made this lil vid, some got their ladies along (Lev's is the sweet thang that is Miss. Ashley Williams) along with some of the usual crew (big up the Pluckrose, my all time favourite) and hosted a true 90's style party with curtains and everything. 

CHECK THEIR WEBSITE INNIT: http://palaceskateboards.com/

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