Monday, 30 April 2012


VENUS X is one bad ass DJ. She recently made a BIG name for herself, sending crowds whilst dj'n at parties at last New York Fashion Week. She also is famous for being the amazing looking girl in the A$AP Rocky video with the green hair.  She coined the phrase 'Ghetto Gothic' for her mash up of everything from old skool drum & bass to grunge and industrial techno, perhaps more eleoquently put by Rolling Stoen; "The GHE20G0TH1K parties she organizes are the ideal testing ground for her brand of cyber diaspora – crashing industrial samples grating against syrupy drag and witch-house, aggro-tech, metal, and almost any sonic form designed to invoke unease." Well put if I say so myself. 

She recently came to London, kipped at Alex Brownsell's house and DJ'ed at the WAH Book Launch at the W. She also managed to find the time to squeeze in a shoot for me for JUKE magazine photographed by the adorable brilliant CAMERON ALEXANDER. 

We smoked some bud, did a chola lip and tried on boys clothes, jewellery and aNYthing caps. Then we splayed out on the floor, climbed on the fridge and generally tried some shit out. Basically WE HAD FUN. And she is way way fly.

Here is her mix for JUKE so you can all hear how good she is. 

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