Thursday, 30 August 2012

Henry in Thomas by Jeff.

I styled the handsome delight that is Henry @ SELECT for an i-D online special on Thomas Penfound's shirt collection. Thomas, a successful model in his own right, has pieced together a beautiful collection of shirts, having developed and carved a love of clothing from a background in graphic design, and a career in fashion. Each of the shirts are distinctive and of the highest quality. 

Perfectly captured by Jeff Hahn. Who's like WAY up and coming yahhhhhh. (Loves you Jeff.)


  1. Wow! Really stunning pictures. Thanks for sharing this post. i love your blog.

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  2. Fuck the model and the photos... gets me one of thems shirts.

    Joe x

  3. Hang on.... I hate him... he's handsome and he designed these shirts?

    Fuck Thomas Penfound, and his shirts

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