Sunday, 9 September 2012

C U B A.

amazing old women line the street. Photo op at the ready. 
This brawd couldn't get enough. Teeth or no teeth she LOVED the camera. 
I'm not surprised, she must be the only lady in Havana with an Issey Miyake Pleats Please top. Her style was BEYOND. 

Peacocks were casually strutting their stuff the back garden of the place we picked for lunch....
So one night we discover the original line up of the BEUNA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB (bar the ones that have died obvs) playing at a bar in Old Town, for a collective of American's visiting on cultural visa'. Mum's dream has COME TRUE, and only on the second night in. Look at that happiness in her face. And not an ecstasy tablet in sight!! MAMMA MIA. 

Literally wouldn't leave the poor men alone. Best thing is, they MUCH preferred the younger version...
 Cause he only wanted to dance with me... I'm a sucker for an old man in a flat cap ya know.

If Blaise Belville had a house in Havana, this would be it...

I was obsessed with the light fittings everywhere...
and of course the CARS!!!
everyone drove around on horse and cart as standard. 
there is no Jesus in Cuba. Only Che. 
All the boys wore these amazing school uniforms of mustard coloured chino's and played football everywhere. For a country so poor, look at their surroundings!
this was this INSANE hand carved ceiling in this restaurant, once before someone's amazing house. 
kid's were always playing football. 
A limestone cave we found after 3 hours of horse back riding. 
Mum was crying with pain her ass hurt so bad :/ 
more light fittings!
This was the car of our Casa owners. No Joke. One of the first models of the Ford. Everything here is SOOOOO OLD they look after everything and use it cause they just can't get new stuff!
Mamma photographs so well. God damn her. 
Our hotel lobby in Havana at the Old Plaza. J'ADORE. 
photo opp with a local Angophile. 
Cuban sailors in their whites. WOOOOO. 
Fat foot chicken. 
A big truck photo for Lulu!! 
Cutestet Taxi EVER?! Looks like a beetle!!
Best dressed man in Cuba by my standards. On his way to work on the Sugar Palm Plantations. 
I would do ANYTHING for a pair of ripped bleached cut-offs THAT GOOD!
Man gets a lift up the hill on his bike by HOLDING ONTO THE HORSE's TAIL?! lazy git.
Major LOLZ though. 
Looking down on Havana at night...
And when the heavens opened on Havana in the morning...

In June this year my darling Mamma took me to CUBA. We stayed in Havana and Trinidad. It was beyond magical. Such an intense place, and the experience really could have gone either way. But of course I have a lot of love to give and so does my mamma, so people were feeling our vibes and we came away having made many a friend. I even came home to love letters....



  1. love the photos and even more your freakin a hilarious comments to go with them. that yaya with the issay miyake top! gold!

  2. please blog again soon! missing your updates!!