Tuesday, 31 August 2010

axl was a rose.

AFTER Slash, in his hey day Axl Rose was one of the coolest guys the world has ever seen. And the best dancer on stage EVER. That snake thing he did?! Oh my dayz. 
anyone who looks good on stage in just boxers gets my vote.

and floral leggings. the man could carry anything off. 

check out his naked body running around on stage. 

i was lucky enough to go to Reading to see Guns n Roses (or rather just Axl plus new band) from the side stage and then we piled back to Bungalow 8 and finally his suite at the Metropolitan for the after after party. But dont worry guys - it wasn't like that. I was one of several and behaved myself! 

anyway their performance was slightly dismal and Axl wore bootcut jeans. BOOTCUT?! he was lovely and polite and quite funny, but i think i would have preferred him outspoken, rude and overtly sexual. And he didn't do his snake. My heart sadly sank. 

This is me and him regardless.

NEXT Slash, who today announced his divorce from his last wife. This is very sad for their children, but  not so sad for me. Also Slash still wears exactly the same gear as he did 20 years ago, ripped SLIM jeans and a battered leather jacket. 

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