Tuesday, 31 August 2010

RIP Corrine Day.

scrunched up face. SO cute. 

Corrine Day sadly passed away this gone Friday 27th August, after battling a brain tumour for some time. 

She was one of my favourite photographers, who rose to fame after the above shoot of a newly discovered Kate Moss for THE FACE back in 1990. She was renowned for her realistic, reportage style  fashion photography, after an era when photography was heavily stylised and super 'glossy'.  Photographers like herself and David Sorrenti coined a look that great to become known as Heroin Chic.  However the look was heavily criticised and when David Sorrenti actually died of a heroin overdose, President Clinton cast comment on the Heroin chic looked and blamed for Fashion industry for glamourising the drug. That aside, this was only one small part of Corrine's career. 

May she Rest In Peace. 

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