Friday, 1 October 2010


 that ditsy floral is just too Luella for me...

I thought the use of plaid/tartan by Christopher at VERSUS was a brave move, as it definitely didn't feel very Italian. 

I wasn't too keen of the colourful ditsy florals, as they reminded me too much of Luella a few season back. 

He used a lot of the dresses detailing that he uses on his own mainline, in terms of bust cups and layering of fabric, but i really think it came into its own in the contrast block colour dresses above. They're hugely desirable. 

Me want one for party party. 


  1. lovely, a dreamy scenario: you, me, them versus dresses and a couple of cocktails, could it be the plan for my next trip to London? a catch up is long overdue, i was hoping i'd get to see you this last time i was up, but alas non. next time though? xxx

  2. babers!! yeah we havnt seen each other in SO LONG!!! everyone is in Paris at the moment and i'm hiding in Norway at my mamma's being fed obscene amounts of food! Come to London soon xxxx