Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mini Madde.

me and my lil bro Sebastian making 'pepperkaker' rocking serious head pieces. 

making a Pepperkake House this time. 
a lot of peppered dough knocking about those days...

oh my dayz i would LOVE to still have this one man band making machine!
and those Laquer shoes...

 yup CUTEST bridesmaid's ever...

 but not as cute as Sebastian's red sailor outfit that matched my mums!!


 i would love this jumpsuit now. 

 my 5th Birthday on the 5th June 1989. 
mum made me that red silk taffeta dress. its banging. 

 Petrol whore from the start. Always loved being on a motorbike. 

 always liked to play dress up and wear as little as possible. 
People are still subject to this now when we do after hours drinks at mine. 

Dressed up as 'Nisser' at Christmas. I'm going to subject my poor children to the same. 

A mini snippet of highlights from the Family Albums i've been pouring over whilst at Mum's over Easter. 

I love looking over family albums - its a shame we don't get photos printed anymore as I really don't think we cherish them in the same way. I'm going to print some of my favourite photos for my flat soon. 

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  1. Kan ikke sin noe annet at du var søt pike når du var lita :-)