Monday, 9 May 2011

M E T.

Brooklyn Decker looks fresh in my favourite colour.

If Calsberg made couples...

Mariacarla looks like an Italian dream. 
I love her silk dark hair simply down.

Arizona Muse looks like a delicious 1920's flapper girl and her mate looks great in a jumper and feather skirt. 
Super cool. 

Too cute in their kilts. 

Rhianna's B U T T was the highlight of the night. 
I alos loved her hair. I like it long. 

A tux-dress? Nah thanks. 

Andre Leon Talley in 20 meters of taffeta silk. 

the darling Diane.

great colour. 

great hair. 

coolest girl in town - Isabelle Lucas. 

Crystal Renn' hair is amazing and i think the dress is cool. 
She had to do something different...

best tits in town.

think Thandie looks delightful.

lovely dress but what is that hair about?! 

and Demi you know better than to wear that hat!!

Chanel you look INCREDIBLE but years older than your age. 
Get yourself a mini skirt!!

WTF! Best Dress award goes to SURPRISE SURPRISE Taylor Swift?! 
Love the black distressed lace creeping down her bust. Divine.

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  1. love Isabel, chanel iman, and rihanna xx