Friday, 22 April 2011

sleek seventies.

i was digging around images and portfolio's this evening at Defacto when I came across this shoot by the the lovely and brilliantly talented vixen that is KATE LANPHEAR, who is Style Director at US ELLE. 

It love the hair and super sleek 70's make-up - the got that particularly got me was the green boob tube with matching cardigan in image above. I L O V E this look. I also love the slicked back long ahir. 

It got me thinking how hot the polished look is, and how much I love Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, her hottest role AFTER Batman Returns (obvs PVC rules.)
Need to re-watch Scarface again soon. I wanna see Tony Montana go mad and machine gun everyone up high on Columbia's finest. 

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  1. i love that last picture of Michelle Pfeiffer, its pinned up on my wall as hair inspiration :D

    Katie M