Friday, 22 April 2011

young mum.

 woah thats a lot of knit. the norwegian jumper was standard school uniform.

 mamma in the Summer of 69'
 mamma at her confirmation. seriously into that red & green dress to her right.


 creepy weird child brushing mum's hair. 

 5 generations of my family on mums side. 

 something you could still do in the 70's - hitchhike.
damn those serial killers for ruining our free rides. 

 totes into this wallpaper. Frieda you should so do a 70's revival. 

 gosh how things have changed between an evening spent in mum's summer youth, and mine. 
T H A N K G O D. 

my mum and her sisters. she is one of eight. 

i'm currently shacked up at my Mamma's in Norway, doing yoga and moving soil (there is nothing else to do and i'm desperate to burn calories!!)

so of course time is spent digging through old albums. me as a child to follow. i think your word your looking for is C U T E.

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