Thursday, 19 May 2011

G O G O Y A G O.

My darling friend NED BIGGS, always handy with a funny image for me to re-post on Facebook, has recently been appointed Art Editor extraordinaire at PLATFORM online magazine. And in doing so,  he's given me a heads up on an artist 'right up my street', as Cheryl Cole would say...

YAGO HORTAL lives and works in Berlin and the above painting are from his current exhibition entitled 'Space Oddity'. I L O V E his colours, those fresh bright neons are divine. 

If i could afford art, after my Basqiuat, this is what i'd buy. It would always look fresh and set a tone to my living room. 

Darn it i R E A L L Y need to marry well. Anyone, heellloooooooo.....

(ps. Ned Biggs is really nice.)

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  1. Phenomenal! Love each and every thing you post. Keep it up