Monday, 23 May 2011

House of Hackney.

"‎Mirror, mirror on the wall I broke my heart in a Dalston fall''. Dalston Rose is a tale of dark romance and broken dreams. The concept of the English rose is distressed and subverted with signature ombre and antique print treatments running through the collection. Grungy chintzed florals on wallpaper and monogrammed bed linen have been ombre’d and tattooed with the subversive Dalston Rose print.

Cool and ethereal Queen Bee is a luxe trompe l’oeil which plays with scale and deception against a palette of sagey greens and dove greys with golden highlights of ochres, sand and stone. The mother of all ranges the Queen Bee is a lady and a tramp.

Debauched and whimsical Hackney Empire unveils a riot of colourful characters in a world where bush babies play the accordion and badgers drink cocktails. Hookah smoking sloths chill next to a frog in a bowler hat surrounded by parrots and cranes. Welcome to the other side of the looking glass.

My darling friends Frieda and Javvy Gormley, parents of my little cherub that is Baby Javi, started a interiors company; House of Hackney. I worked in the Pop-Up shop at the time of the launch and blogged about our great little outfits, but I never actually blogged the product. 

Well I'm hugely proud of them to say the least - there are amazing collaborations on the horizons and new collections will be added to the range in Autumn. 

This is only the beginning...

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  1. Love the stories to go with the prints. Make them so much more desirable...everybody loves a good story, especially about the print of the doona they sleep with every night.