Wednesday, 21 December 2011


The birthday girl herself, in an incredible green playsuit with a carpet (yes carpet) waistcoat. She looked utterly BRILLIANT. 

The amazing A2 size card with a photo of everyone who came, lovingly organised by Louise's husband Christopher Suarez, and Murray Aurthur, 

Who's that pretty lady hiding in between those boys...

WHY?! It's the one and only Gwendoline!!!

Adorable norwegian (and now based in London) fashion photographer Kim Jacobsen who did the last cover of SMUG magazine. 

Princess Julia, always a pleasure with a million stories to tell. We have a night lined up in Vauxhall with a gay porn star off the back of our last conversation last night...

Jeanette and her AMAZING hair, with the darling Jack Sunnacks. 

love the group shot and how Sloanie can turn from pretty...

to pretty scary in the blink of an eye...
He was in great pain from his tooth ache bless him. 

Louise declared she's happy to kneel over now, she's officially done everything, now she's been held high and carried around on Gwendoline's shoulders...
Gwender's wouldn't put her down...

Love how Jonny Saunders is seemingly CRADLING Antony here. 
Literally wrapped round for feeding time. 

Me and Bella Howard. How amazig is the hat?! It has ears??

Louis (one half of the Mexican twins) is pulling a great face. Almost a sense of achievement...?

Mags is back from her travels. YAY! 

Oh Lyndell how we love thee... One can never tire of a pink curl. 

Dom has the achieved the perfect 90's blonde undercut. maje. 

and lastly myself, forever popping a pose. 

Christopher Suarez and Murray Authur hosted a SURPRISE Birthday Party for Louise Gray last night, upstairs at The Haggerston. We danced endlessly (I hugely enjoyed my sexy dance with Antony Campbell to En Vogue's 'Don't Let Go') and we VIBED all night, running around, dancing and secretly smoking in the corner. The smoking inside was GREAT, dunno how we got away with that one?! 


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