Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mandi Christmas.

M is for M A N D I.  
of which there is only one. Wohoo indeed Sista Woman.

her INCREDIBLE co-host Gwendoline Christie, who is to be a new starring member of the cast for Game of Thrones, my new favourite program. Literally OBSESSED. 

She can be seen wearing an equally incredible Roksanda Illinic 
gown, stood with the statuesque lady Roksanda herself. 

The beautiful Isamaya in a banging blazer. 

 Look at that smile! what a cherub. Matthew Josephs & the ear of Chris Murdoch. 

My darling Millie Brown, with her incredible red vintage Chanel jacket and 90's make up including eyeshadow up to the brow. 

Me and the LOVELY LOVELY Annoushka of 'a number of names' PR. 
She is the ultimate cutie. And has a great name. 

 Sloanie needs no introduction. 

 Matthew Stone looking intentionally wide eyed. 

 Bistroteque's David Waddington (who has great pecs) with my lady Lulu Kennedy. 

 VOGUE's Rosie Vogel in an amazing Christopher Kane skirt 
and the dashing Timothy Clifton Green.

 Rocky, the amazing writer for the New York Times. 
He is such a gentleman. 

Fashion's favourite girl (cause she's ultimately the coolest) 
Louise Gray.  

 the gem that is Laurence Tooley. 

 Fred Butler always brightens up my day. 

 Tom, the fit chef whith a big grin and even bigger biceps, from Bistroteque. 

Me attempting to make up for the HORRID photo of myself 
on i-D online, by posting one of me nicely posing. 
I don't know which one is better?

Mandi Lennard, PR extrodinaire and Gwendoline Christie, actress, hosted a mini Christmas Disco. Amazing tunes from Hanna Hanra and Richard Mortimer amongst others, we were treated to David's special spiced cider and Tom's amazing taco's. Finished nicely by a MAC goodie bag. I got the perfect lip liner to match my new plum shade.  

A great evening all round, and I managed to escape before going to the Egorge and making it an all-nighter. Well done me. And more importantly THANKS MANDI. 

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