Sunday, 29 July 2012

L O V E.

my new Shaun Samson SS12 shorts.  
 and my COMME tartan t-shirt. 
Also also LOVE dressing like a cool boy. 

Ben Fern's outfits. Today - tonal BLUE!

 FROZEN margarita's at RITA's. 
Actually obsessed with RITA's, Jackson Boxer and his girlfriend Melissa full stop. 

 LOVE This aubergine YSL clutch bag. 

 And obsessed with all 6'7 of Gwendoline Christie in these Charlotte Olympia's. 

 LOVE my new belated birthday present from my wife HANNAH NIXON. 

 And the camoflage laces in my Reebok Classics. 

 LOVE that I'm wearing my Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt again that I bought in North Carolina in 95'. 

 and my new 3+ Free Run NIKE's in the brightest colour E V E R. 
Safe running. Dem cars can see me like.  

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